National Poisons Information Service

A service commissioned by Public Health England




Members of the public

seeking specific

information on poisons

should contact:


In England and Wales:

NHS 111 - dial 111


In Scotland:

NHS 24 - dial 111


In N Ireland:

Contact your local GP or

pharmacist during

normal hours; click here

(www.gpoutofhours for GP

services Out-of-Hours.


In Republic of Ireland:

01 809 2166



professionals seeking

poisons information

should consult:

NPIS Product Data Centre

In order for the NPIS to provide accurate advice on the treatment and management of patients exposed to consumer products, reliable information on the composition of these products is necessary. Manufacturers' SDS also provide information for updating TOXBASE, enabling end-users to obtain specific advice on many common products. All NPIS staff have 24/7 access to the NPIS Product Data Centre.


NPIS Birmingham has the responsibility for the NPIS Product Data Centre and for liaising with manufacturers to ensure that the data held is comprehensive and up-to-date. In 2015/16, 43,000 SDS were added to the NPIS Product Data Centre which now holds 174,000 current SDS. The database is indexed by product name, manufacturer, date of SDS and the accession date for the SDS to the database. If these fields are insufficient, the database is also fully text searchable, which enables searches to be made on any other criteria, eg active ingredients or use.


Information for manufacturers wishing to submit safety data sheets 

To submit safety data sheets please email


Any questions regarding registration of biocidal products should be directed to the Health and Safety Executive:


HSE Biocidal Products Directive
Telephone: 0845 345 0055


Information from the NPIS Annual Report 2015/16


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